Wednesday, December 26, 2012

wrap battle...

One thing I love about Christmas is the giving part.
I love to shop.
I love to buy gifts.
I'm addicted to that part of Christmas.  And one of the best parts, for me, of giving, is the presentation.
A picture of my gifts under the tree...

 The precious animal paper was a gift given to me from someone who knew how much I loved to wrap.  It is so loved.

Our big theme this year was 'woodland'. 
Story of the woodland: every year my husband and I shop after Christmas for the next years paper, etc.  My husband fell in love with the woodland paper at World Market.  Me, not so much.  I spent most of the year toiling over how to make this paper pretty and special. (call me silly, doubt my words, but I promise you, I probably spent 347 hours thinking about it) Enter wooden tags idea, which my husband made.  Enter die-cut ribbon, which I found at Michael's. and of course, top it off with a little paper raffia.  BOOM!  


Close up of my favorite tag.  The opposite side said the name of who the gift was for.

Naughty and Nice was the paper theme I picked last year.  Cute, but I have to hand it to Justin, the woodland really does have that extra something special...
Another shot of our packages, oh, so pretty.
We're headed out to shop for next year's paper.  And we will be stopping at World Market because we saw earlier this year that they had woodland again and we're hoping to grab a few more rolls for next year.
So, my advice to all of those bargain shoppers headed out today to prep for next year's packages: Let your husbands pick a few rolls of giftwrap.  They may end up being your favorites next year.  And, if not, they're 70% off anyway.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas update.

Merry Christmas!!
What you don't know is that the above and below are both possible Christmas card pictures that never mailed out.
Alas,  Merry Christmas from myself, the husband, Lilly and J.

We've had a lovely Christmas at home with family. 
This month has meant a lot of travelling for us.
Here's a picture of our travels last week (Ah-mazing):


And our travels this week:

Bleh, it was cold in Philly, yet WONDERFUL in the DR.  We really loved our mid-cold vacation and I got sick as soon as we landed in the US. More to come on our Dominican vacation.
We returned to lots of really sad and heart-wrenching news, and have spent a lot of time talking, praying and dealing with it all.
Nonetheless, it was a happy Christmas.
What did you do for the holidays?  Any traveling?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

I'm still alive.....

October and November have tried to suck the life out of me. 
But they lost.
I will survive.
There have been some major changes.  I'm trying to stay optimistic.  I'm looking for the bright side.
And, with all the downs, there certainly has been a lot of brightness in my life.

My sister had her twins.
Boy: Daxlee Sabo
Girl: Bodie Flynne
They are perfect.
And they are a miracle.
Which means...
Justin is an uncle.  For the first time. x2.
Justin turned 30!
Lots of people showed their love for Justin and I think he was overjoyed.
We had a bar crawl.
Which was a blast!
My BFF's came to celebrate Justin's 30th.
We've been best friends since elementary and middle school.
And every time I see them, I remember why.
We also had 2 perfect Thanksgivings.
One with my family, which just grew by 2.
And then later on with Justin's family
We are packing for the Caribbean.
We'll be there for a few days next week and I can hardly breathe I'm so excited.
Just one day at a time until then.
And I want to be a blogger.
So, I'm coming back.
I promise you and myself.
But until then, here's some baby adorable-ness.
They wear precious baby clothes and hats with ears.
Little snuggle bears.
They snuggle.
Lean on me.
Bodie likes her hand above her head. She always wiggles it out somehow.
And Daxlee thinks I'm number one.
I'll be back with a better post soon.
Like I said...
I promise.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sorry, Rachel Zoe

So, I was looking through my Pinterest board, 'I Die' and I realized that a lot of the outfits I pinned weren't so high fashion. (Maybe I should rename my board) In fact, a lot of what I had pinned was actually achievable.

Pinned here

Pinned here

Pinned here

Here's my problem:  When I shop, I buy pieces, and don't think about what I'll wear them with.  I don't put outfits together and then end up just wearing the same old things.

I always covet the way my friends put together outfits, mixing and matching pieces and creating different looks.  On the contrast, I have some really great pieces that never get worn because they don't match anything. I need to amend how I shop.

My solution:  I figured out what in my 'I Die' board I would need to create a good mix of outfits for fall. Things that I could mix and match and use in multiple ways.  Things that would compliment some of the things I already have.  Then, taking it one step further, I set a budget for each item.  A maximum amount that I would be willing to spend.

Here's my list:

Cognac Flats- budget $30
Chambray Shirt - budget $30
White looser-fitting layering tee - budget $15
Longer Cardigan medium thickness - budget $30
Statement Multi-Colored beaded necklace (with some plum in it) - budget $20
Shorter Trench coat - budget $50
Straight leg Navy blue cords - budget $50
nicer layering top with button sleeves - budget $20
Cognac purse - budget $30

And if I stay on my budget, I'll spend $275 total!

This has made shopping more fun and has kept me searching for the versitile pieces that I need.

I've found 3 pieces so far, and stayed under budget.  I've found a few of the others, but have been over my budget.  So, I'll just keep them in mind and keep my ears open for a sale!

Do you think it's do-able?  What do you think of my strategy?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay, okay....

I don't like fall....there, I said it.  Go ahead and tell me all the reasons why I'm crazy.

I just don't.

It means the end of summer and leads into winter (my most hated season).  I get sick, like I am now, every time fall rears it's ugly head.  I don't like bulky clothes, and I don't look good in sweaters. My dogs track in leaves, and the days start to get shorter.  whining finished, promise.

However, there are some things that I do like about fall.  Pumpkins being the largest one.  I like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but wish it were warm outside for both holidays.  I love football.  and I like to lay outside and read in pajamas in the early fall/indian days of summer.

That being said, I have a number of activities that I'd like to accomplish this fall.  So, I made a bucket list. I know, I know, join the club, right? who hasn't made a fall bucket list yet?  Whatever, I jumped on the bandwagon.

looking at it now, I should have made the heading larger.... I feel like I'm never done editing.

I will say, though, this list makes me a lot more excited about the season ahead of us.

My plan is to frame it and use a dry erase marker on the glass to cross out everything as we accomplish each activity.

What do you think of Fall?  What's on your bucket list?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weighing in on The Replacements.

And it's goooooood!  They're back

And here's what I have to say to the replacement referees (with warning that I have a tendency to root for the underdog)

Dear Replacement Refs,

First off, thank you.  Without you, what would have happened to football for its first 3 weeks.  Maybe we would have missed out.  And so, thanks for stepping up.

Now, I forgive you for the weird, confused, and bad calls; if you forgive me for hating on you so bad.  I know it's not your fault that you aren't experienced.  You should see me trying to do things I'm not experienced at (like calling football or tailoring shirts).  I may also need to thank you again, because without you, not sure what I would have talked about with the boys in my office, besides Fantasy Football, and the baby panda at DC Zoo (tear).

I'm glad to have our regular refs back, especially muscle man Ed Hochuli.  I've missed him, especially.  Although, even he makes bad calls sometimes  I'm sure you're glad to not have to get yelled at anymore.  Take some time off.  Watch some football.  Enjoy yourself.

source, funny article

At the end of the day, you have given us 3 weeks we will never forget.


Claire Jacyshyn
NFL Football fan

And, of course, in case you missed them, here are some of my favorite responses to the replacement referee disasters

"we've all made bad calls"

"Call it maybe?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall photo session mood board

I've booked a photography session for Justin and I at a friend's farm in a few weeks.  I. AM. SO. EXCITED. 

As a kid, we didn't do family photos every year, and I wish we had.  So I'm determined to do so!

These pictures will also be used as our christmas photos.  So, since this session will have to be a double whammy.... I created a mood board for it.  Just so I can try to achieve the vibe I want.

1. source
2. source
3. source
4. source
5. same source as #2
So, this is my mood board.

Pictures 1, 2, and 5 were found on Pinterest.
Picture 4 is from one of my favorite blogs, A Blog About Love.

And, lastly and bestly (I made that up, and it's staying), Picture 3 is of my adorable best friend, Betsy and her husband Paul.  You should check her blog out too.  She's over at Peony and Gray.  Her adorable-ness may be contagious; pop over there and try to catch some.  I do as often as I can.

You like my mood board? Ever created a mood board?  What do you think about using one to plan a photography session, or anything else?


(I know I've been gone forever, but I never gave up, I was just not being motivated.  I needed a little nudge from the before-mentioned BFF to get back into action.  Maybe I'll do a nice, long, where I've been entry.  Maybe I won't. Haven't decided.  What do you think? ) 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Oh wow.

Another chapter in my life.

I just made one of the dumbest mistakes a person can make.  Oh wow.  Luckily, it turned out okay.

But a co-worker sent me this to cheer me up:

Everything happens for a reason, but sometimes things happen because youre stupid and make bad decisions.#Repin By:Pinterest++ for iPad#
It's true...

deep breath...

And I'm going to get some inspiration from Mulan to get back in the game. This (song in video below) was my theme song with my 3 best friends in college and was also sung before I walked down the aisle at my wedding with the same 3 friends.

singing "Make a Man Out of You" at my wedding!

Need to get pepped up?  This song works for me!!

What do you do to recover from a really stupid mistake?? 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Quite possibly... favorite "Human of New York" in a long time.

I've sometimes wondered if I should be a librarian.  Major caveat:  I'm very loud.  :-/

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

New Wall Art!!

Recently saw this post on one of my fav blogs, From My Grey Desk and was immediately infatuated.

She found the idea and instructions here over at Mint Love Social Club, an awesome blog I hadn't discovered yet!

I just LOVE all things Kate Spade, so knew I just had to try to reproduce this.  Plus, my guest room is a little boring and I've been looking for things to fill the walls.

I had a little trouble keeping it simple and probably glued WAYYY too many dots on my canvas, but I was just having so much fun!!

You can't tell (I wish I used my real camera and not my phone!) but I used 3 different color shimmer-y/ glitter-y scrapbook papers. Used about 2.5 sheets.  Total project cost me about $18. 

So I gained a new wall hanging, and found a great new blog!  Total score!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Blog Lovin'

Just decided to join Blog Lovin'

I love reading my friends and my favorite blogs and heard it was a good way to keep up.

Anybody else got love for Blog Lovin?


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Current Crush Thursday: Brown flats

So, today, I'm linking up with Framed Frostings for her Current Crush Thursday link up party!

My current Crush is brown, strappy, gladiator-ish sandals.  I'm wanting a pair so bad!  Help me pick!!

And here is where you can go to purchase:
1.  Kohl's
2.  DSW
3. 6pm
4. As seen in J's Everyday Fashion
5.  Nordstrom

Best part:  I think I can afford them all (unless any sales change after the time of this post)

Current Crush Thursdays

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 7 11 day!!

Don't forget to grab your free slurpee!

This is the only day out of the year that I drink Slurpee's, but that might change.  I got the new Lemon Creme flavor, and wow!  It's SO good!

Check it out!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Get yourself...

An affirmation notebook.

...don't laugh. (although, I'll admit, I did when I first heard about it)

My boss recommended that I get one.

It's a place where I can put down little affirmations about myself.  I had a particularly bad week last week and began to think it might not be such a silly idea.  You know, get all kinds of positive things out there in my universe.  After all, I love inspirational posts on Pinterest, and sometimes go there to try and motivate myself.  As a matter of fact, one such pin is currently my work computer background.

Work computer background: She believed she could so she did

So, on Friday, my sweet husband took me to Target just to buy something because he knew I was having a bad week.  I love all things paper: stationery, wrapping supplies, notebooks, you name it and I'm there! So, when he said I could get anything, I went straight to the notebook aisle and I picked up this little beauty.

She's a dreamer, a doer, a thinker.  She sees possibility everywhere.

I think it looks like Kate Spade, and for a stellar 4 bucks, quite the deal! I decided to make it an affirmation notebook; to heed my brilliant boss's advice.


I started writing things in it to affirm myself and to motivate me each day.  I re-read what I've already written, and I write new things.  And so far, it's really helping.  This week has been way better, and I'm a lot more positive.

Affirmation book, affirmative!!

Happy Independence Day!

Happy Early Independence Day!

Thank you to all of the brave men and women who have served, and fought to protect our freedoms.

Special shout out to my hero, and husband, Justin.

Handsome Husband - 1st deployment

Handsome Husband - 2nd deployment

Thursday, June 7, 2012

I made May amazing!!

My girl, Rosie

Yep, that's my girl, Rosie the Riveter.  I'm in love with her.  So much so, that I dressed as her in my favorite ever halloween costume!

Me as Rosie

And the month of May, I felt a lot like Rosie.

I performed in a dance production, and had my first solo.  WHICH I LOVED!!!

Me as Mother Goose

Yep, that's me ALONE on stage!! :-).  I was Mother Goose and I opened a giant book (exactly like the one I'm reading in this picture) where 12 5-7 year olds came out to perform their number, and boy were they CUTE!!!

Me and the girls backstage.


I also got to perform in like 100 other numbers.  My family and Justin's family's were all really complimentary and said they loved the show. I love being on stage.

Me, my neice and some of my favorites in one of my favorite dances, Petticoat Junction.  :-).

I opened a small business, which I'm totally excited about.  And I got a new job!!! :-).  More on all of that to come!

You could say I've been a little busy re-writing my life.  (I CAN DO IT!!)  So, I've neglected writing in my little blog, which I'm so excited to say, broke 2000 reads recently!!  (Come on people, follow me!;-)!)

 :-).  I'm a happy girl.  Very lucky.  Very driven and very happy.

I believed I could make my life a little better.  And May proved that I could!! :-).  More to come on my AMAZING May! 

Thank you for all the reads, friends!  ;-)!!