Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sorry, Rachel Zoe

So, I was looking through my Pinterest board, 'I Die' and I realized that a lot of the outfits I pinned weren't so high fashion. (Maybe I should rename my board) In fact, a lot of what I had pinned was actually achievable.

Pinned here

Pinned here

Pinned here

Here's my problem:  When I shop, I buy pieces, and don't think about what I'll wear them with.  I don't put outfits together and then end up just wearing the same old things.

I always covet the way my friends put together outfits, mixing and matching pieces and creating different looks.  On the contrast, I have some really great pieces that never get worn because they don't match anything. I need to amend how I shop.

My solution:  I figured out what in my 'I Die' board I would need to create a good mix of outfits for fall. Things that I could mix and match and use in multiple ways.  Things that would compliment some of the things I already have.  Then, taking it one step further, I set a budget for each item.  A maximum amount that I would be willing to spend.

Here's my list:

Cognac Flats- budget $30
Chambray Shirt - budget $30
White looser-fitting layering tee - budget $15
Longer Cardigan medium thickness - budget $30
Statement Multi-Colored beaded necklace (with some plum in it) - budget $20
Shorter Trench coat - budget $50
Straight leg Navy blue cords - budget $50
nicer layering top with button sleeves - budget $20
Cognac purse - budget $30

And if I stay on my budget, I'll spend $275 total!

This has made shopping more fun and has kept me searching for the versitile pieces that I need.

I've found 3 pieces so far, and stayed under budget.  I've found a few of the others, but have been over my budget.  So, I'll just keep them in mind and keep my ears open for a sale!

Do you think it's do-able?  What do you think of my strategy?