Thursday, June 7, 2012

I made May amazing!!

My girl, Rosie

Yep, that's my girl, Rosie the Riveter.  I'm in love with her.  So much so, that I dressed as her in my favorite ever halloween costume!

Me as Rosie

And the month of May, I felt a lot like Rosie.

I performed in a dance production, and had my first solo.  WHICH I LOVED!!!

Me as Mother Goose

Yep, that's me ALONE on stage!! :-).  I was Mother Goose and I opened a giant book (exactly like the one I'm reading in this picture) where 12 5-7 year olds came out to perform their number, and boy were they CUTE!!!

Me and the girls backstage.


I also got to perform in like 100 other numbers.  My family and Justin's family's were all really complimentary and said they loved the show. I love being on stage.

Me, my neice and some of my favorites in one of my favorite dances, Petticoat Junction.  :-).

I opened a small business, which I'm totally excited about.  And I got a new job!!! :-).  More on all of that to come!

You could say I've been a little busy re-writing my life.  (I CAN DO IT!!)  So, I've neglected writing in my little blog, which I'm so excited to say, broke 2000 reads recently!!  (Come on people, follow me!;-)!)

 :-).  I'm a happy girl.  Very lucky.  Very driven and very happy.

I believed I could make my life a little better.  And May proved that I could!! :-).  More to come on my AMAZING May! 

Thank you for all the reads, friends!  ;-)!!

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