Friday, May 4, 2012

Remember that 25 random things that went around facebook for a while?

Well, here was mine.  Some of the things needed updates

1.  I am terribly paranoid. About almost everything. Still.
2. I have wrecked my old car 8 times that I can remember. I hate driving.  Update:  My current car has only been wrecked once.  I still hate driving.

3. I have a ticket on my record for a wreck that I wasn’t really driving in. One of the best stories of my life.

4. I also apologize too often. I’m often sorry that I do that. I'm really sorry, seriously, I am.
5. I have two tattoos. One Joanna told me about and the other is similar to something that Amanda drew me back in high school. Neither were completely my own. Still only 2.

Getting inked.

6. I call small burps “bubbles”. I bubble often. A co-worker has really pointed out that to me.  This bad habit has been kicked.  Thank you, Chet Fisher, if you ever read this.
7. It is because of a few VERY close friends from Roanoke that I can say that I have a relationship with God at all. This is something I’m most thankful for. Still true.
8. Most everyone knows this about me but, anyway, I HATE, LOATH, bananas. I will run from a banana. I CANNOT be in the same room of someone eating one. Bleh.  Very true, in fact, one of the scariest things about getting my new job is not knowing if anyone is going to eat bananas around me.  And not knowing how I will handle it if they do.
9. I once had a pet dog named Fido. For about 10 minutes.  Thank you, boys from the Elite Eight.  That was a good night.

This is the day we got Fido.   Best. Snow. Day. Ever.

10. I catch myself talking to myself a lot.  Hourly, to be exact.
11. My jaw pops really loudly when I open my mouth really wide.  Yes. And it's still gross.
12. I could sit on a boat for the rest of my life and never regret a moment of it.  Wanna start tomorrow?
13. I once went on a first ‘real’ date in Ireland. He’s still my best friend.  I wouldn't say best friend, more like not even talking.  Actually, there's a better-matched best friend now, thank you.

My best friend at our wedding.

14. Lately, there are some things that I can only do with two particular friends b/c I know they're going to be calm and honest enough to keep me from stressing. These include serious haircuts and tattoos.  I still rely on Betsy, Alyssa and Corinne a lot for support.

Probably the worst picture I've ever taken.  This haircut I lost many inches.  They're back now,  but I'm thinking of chopping again.

15. I love to talk to strangers. I still do.
16. I have always wanted to be called charming. without the person being prompted. I'm afraid this will never happen for me.  This has happened, but I just want it more now.  :-).
17. I get disappointed when I get flowers (even as surprises) and they are not daisies.  Update: I want any flowers.  All the flowers I can get.
18. I love hugs. I will hug just about anyone. Wanna hug?
19. I practice conversations before I call anyone or if I know I’m going to be talking to anybody soon. To me, it's just like proof-reading something. SO necessary.   Sometimes I'll even go over a conversation again with what I should have said!  Getting caught doing this by my husband a lot.  Sometimes I forget that everyone doesn't to this and it's weird.
20. I like surprises, unless I know they are coming (like Christmas presents) then I hate them. Same.
21. I am overly proud that my family has been firefighters and my mom was a nurse.   Same.

My boopie.  Real hero.

22. I hate VMI. Even though I’m really proud of Austin for going there and dealing with that. Don't really care anymore.  Think it would be a great place to go if you wanted to play D1 sports.  I actually recommended to my husband's little brother that he check this school out.  Of course he didn't.  Can't really blame him.
23. I dance when I think no one is looking, especially in elevators. I sing out loud when I think no one is paying attention and EVERY time I drive anywhere! I’ve been caught a lot.  Still.  
24. I HATE SNOW. Even though a particular snow day was one of the most fun days of my life. I get angry at people who like snow and try to make me like it.   Still.   
25. I still have a really hard time with left and right. Still.  Don't laugh.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Giveaway at oh, hello friend

Okay, so there's a  really awesome giveaway right now being hosted by oh, hello friend.  I love her blog and store. 

Click here for the giveaway, but don't even bother, I'm going to win this one!

It's really cool stuff!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

TED Tuesday

Last night I took a leap of faith.  More to come on that.  I'm really excited about a new venture in my life!

This isn't technically a TED talk, but it's on the TED website. So, who am I?

Give yourself some time today and listen to Mr. Steve Jobs.

Here's hoping we can all connect our dots one day.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.