Friday, September 28, 2012

Okay, okay....

I don't like fall....there, I said it.  Go ahead and tell me all the reasons why I'm crazy.

I just don't.

It means the end of summer and leads into winter (my most hated season).  I get sick, like I am now, every time fall rears it's ugly head.  I don't like bulky clothes, and I don't look good in sweaters. My dogs track in leaves, and the days start to get shorter.  whining finished, promise.

However, there are some things that I do like about fall.  Pumpkins being the largest one.  I like Halloween and Thanksgiving, but wish it were warm outside for both holidays.  I love football.  and I like to lay outside and read in pajamas in the early fall/indian days of summer.

That being said, I have a number of activities that I'd like to accomplish this fall.  So, I made a bucket list. I know, I know, join the club, right? who hasn't made a fall bucket list yet?  Whatever, I jumped on the bandwagon.

looking at it now, I should have made the heading larger.... I feel like I'm never done editing.

I will say, though, this list makes me a lot more excited about the season ahead of us.

My plan is to frame it and use a dry erase marker on the glass to cross out everything as we accomplish each activity.

What do you think of Fall?  What's on your bucket list?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Weighing in on The Replacements.

And it's goooooood!  They're back

And here's what I have to say to the replacement referees (with warning that I have a tendency to root for the underdog)

Dear Replacement Refs,

First off, thank you.  Without you, what would have happened to football for its first 3 weeks.  Maybe we would have missed out.  And so, thanks for stepping up.

Now, I forgive you for the weird, confused, and bad calls; if you forgive me for hating on you so bad.  I know it's not your fault that you aren't experienced.  You should see me trying to do things I'm not experienced at (like calling football or tailoring shirts).  I may also need to thank you again, because without you, not sure what I would have talked about with the boys in my office, besides Fantasy Football, and the baby panda at DC Zoo (tear).

I'm glad to have our regular refs back, especially muscle man Ed Hochuli.  I've missed him, especially.  Although, even he makes bad calls sometimes  I'm sure you're glad to not have to get yelled at anymore.  Take some time off.  Watch some football.  Enjoy yourself.

source, funny article

At the end of the day, you have given us 3 weeks we will never forget.


Claire Jacyshyn
NFL Football fan

And, of course, in case you missed them, here are some of my favorite responses to the replacement referee disasters

"we've all made bad calls"

"Call it maybe?"

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall photo session mood board

I've booked a photography session for Justin and I at a friend's farm in a few weeks.  I. AM. SO. EXCITED. 

As a kid, we didn't do family photos every year, and I wish we had.  So I'm determined to do so!

These pictures will also be used as our christmas photos.  So, since this session will have to be a double whammy.... I created a mood board for it.  Just so I can try to achieve the vibe I want.

1. source
2. source
3. source
4. source
5. same source as #2
So, this is my mood board.

Pictures 1, 2, and 5 were found on Pinterest.
Picture 4 is from one of my favorite blogs, A Blog About Love.

And, lastly and bestly (I made that up, and it's staying), Picture 3 is of my adorable best friend, Betsy and her husband Paul.  You should check her blog out too.  She's over at Peony and Gray.  Her adorable-ness may be contagious; pop over there and try to catch some.  I do as often as I can.

You like my mood board? Ever created a mood board?  What do you think about using one to plan a photography session, or anything else?


(I know I've been gone forever, but I never gave up, I was just not being motivated.  I needed a little nudge from the before-mentioned BFF to get back into action.  Maybe I'll do a nice, long, where I've been entry.  Maybe I won't. Haven't decided.  What do you think? )