Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sorry, Rachel Zoe

So, I was looking through my Pinterest board, 'I Die' and I realized that a lot of the outfits I pinned weren't so high fashion. (Maybe I should rename my board) In fact, a lot of what I had pinned was actually achievable.

Pinned here

Pinned here

Pinned here

Here's my problem:  When I shop, I buy pieces, and don't think about what I'll wear them with.  I don't put outfits together and then end up just wearing the same old things.

I always covet the way my friends put together outfits, mixing and matching pieces and creating different looks.  On the contrast, I have some really great pieces that never get worn because they don't match anything. I need to amend how I shop.

My solution:  I figured out what in my 'I Die' board I would need to create a good mix of outfits for fall. Things that I could mix and match and use in multiple ways.  Things that would compliment some of the things I already have.  Then, taking it one step further, I set a budget for each item.  A maximum amount that I would be willing to spend.

Here's my list:

Cognac Flats- budget $30
Chambray Shirt - budget $30
White looser-fitting layering tee - budget $15
Longer Cardigan medium thickness - budget $30
Statement Multi-Colored beaded necklace (with some plum in it) - budget $20
Shorter Trench coat - budget $50
Straight leg Navy blue cords - budget $50
nicer layering top with button sleeves - budget $20
Cognac purse - budget $30

And if I stay on my budget, I'll spend $275 total!

This has made shopping more fun and has kept me searching for the versitile pieces that I need.

I've found 3 pieces so far, and stayed under budget.  I've found a few of the others, but have been over my budget.  So, I'll just keep them in mind and keep my ears open for a sale!

Do you think it's do-able?  What do you think of my strategy?


  1. Your list is my current most worn. I bought cognac flats last year and I wear them more than I would like to admit. And, I have a chambray obsession. It's really bad.

  2. I'm pretty sure this is genius! I tend to build outfits in my head before purchasing, but what I don't usually do first is think about everything I want for a given season and build a budget around it! I will definitely be implementing this into my shopping... whenever Paul lifts the "spending freeze"...

  3. LOVE this idea and the outfits you pinned. I love this budget idea - I've never thought about budgeting individual pieces not just the entirety of the trip. I'm really bad about shopping and finding things I like - I'll be like "well I have a lot of black so I'll buy red" but - red doesn't look that great on me. Also - those student loan payments every month would amount to an AMAZING wardrobe. Can't wait to be done with them!

  4. Love this idea so much. Pure genius. Fabulous post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post. xo


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  6. I've changed my entire idea about shopping now... I do plan ideas for outfits before I make a purchase, and I've decided to start "investing" in pieces so that they last for a longer amount of time. Cute outfit ideas! Checkout my blog if you get a chance, the second part of my gift guide comes tomorrow! Follow if you like. :)