Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Papa is 80!

Yesterday my Papa turned 80!

On our way home from work, my husband and I tried to track him down so that we could see him, and ended up finding out he was at the VFW, where he spends a lot of time.

My Papa is an Army Vet and a retired Fireman. True to his generation, he never stops working.  He is always busy and slow to accept help.  He is proud yet humble, kind, loving, hard-working, and (if you really tune your ears to hear his soft comments) hilarious.

He is deeply in love with my grandmother.  They will have taken care of each other for 60 years in June.  He is a true family man, and we all love him.

Happy 80th Birthday to the best Grandfather a girl could ask for! I love my Papa.

He serves as a bartender at the VFW, among other things.  So, he pumped my husband, Justin, with free beer, and cheered him up after a hard day at work!  Then, they convinced Justin to join the VFW.  haha, he's probably the youngest member by at least 20 years.  Here is Justin wearing the hat they give with new membership!  So proud! :-).

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