Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas update.

Merry Christmas!!
What you don't know is that the above and below are both possible Christmas card pictures that never mailed out.
Alas,  Merry Christmas from myself, the husband, Lilly and J.

We've had a lovely Christmas at home with family. 
This month has meant a lot of travelling for us.
Here's a picture of our travels last week (Ah-mazing):


And our travels this week:

Bleh, it was cold in Philly, yet WONDERFUL in the DR.  We really loved our mid-cold vacation and I got sick as soon as we landed in the US. More to come on our Dominican vacation.
We returned to lots of really sad and heart-wrenching news, and have spent a lot of time talking, praying and dealing with it all.
Nonetheless, it was a happy Christmas.
What did you do for the holidays?  Any traveling?


  1. First and last photos -- love!

    Merry Christmas, Claire!

  2. Super cute Claire! I miss seeing you, glad your Christmas was a happy one! I'll add you to my prayer list tonight for the struggles you mentioned.